Biological Value

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Nature and preservation

We have registered an important flora and fauna protected by Peruvian and international legislation, as well as endemic species. In the area, we can find approximately 139 species of plants, distributed in 112 genera and 58 families, several of them with very little information on uses such as Kageneckia lanceolata, while “lloque” and Columellia obovata are used for the elaboration of baskets.

Very few of this species remain in the Sacred Valley. The biological studies reveal a great scientific potential to exploit above all in terms of carbon sequestration research, inventories of flora and fauna (as mentioned above), as well as natural restoration of key species such as the “unca” Myrcianthes oreophyla, the “Chachacomo” Scallonia resinosa and the “alder” Alnus acuminata; Also presents a diversity of orchids like the “Amahuaqanqi” Masdevallia spp, because as an isolated forest, its conservation protects an important genetic bank for actions of mitigation and restoration of the sector of Olmiron and surrounding areas with similar characteristics. Therefore, carrying out research on its reproduction to promote reforestation campaigns is fundamental.

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