About us

A nature's work

Sustainability and Development

As a Private Conservation Area (PCA), 'El Santuario de la Verónica' looks to preserve and protect the area's biodiversity, trying to reach self-sustainability by developing ecotourism and cultural activities.

'El Santuario of la Veronica' shelters many species of flora and fauna that I can study for my career.

Paola Yabarrena Aguirre, UNSAAC

Investigation and Education

Similarly, we highly value the betterment of scientific investigation and natural enviroment education in the area. For that reason, we organize constant expeditions and visits.

The Sanctuary helped me to study and research a great variety of species, which will eventually help me to improve as a biologist.

Araceli Elme, UNSAAC


Teofilo & Martina Bellota

PCA Owners

They adquired the area in 1985, but 2015 was the year when they decided to devote the area to nature exploration and knowledge.


Miguel Bellota


Official tourist guide. His work experience allowed him to get in touch with nature. This was fundamental to expand the conservation project.