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    Lucia Yap

    Hello! In order for all posts to be in order, we will post some rules for the forum.

    1. You are not allowed to post spam or self-promotion in the forum.

    2. You are not allowed to post spam in the forum with links to other websites or products, or promote your website, business, forum, etc. If you do, it will be a waste of time.

    3. Do not post material that infringes copyright. Do not hang, attach or publish copyrighted material for which you do not have redistribution authorization (subject to the license terms of the specific item). If you have any questions regarding permission to post or attach a particular item, please contact a moderator.

    4. Do not post “offensive” publications, links or images. Do not post content that may be offensive, malicious, racist, sexist, discriminatory, obscene, vulgar or in violation of local or international law.

    5. Be respectful to other users, moderators and administrators. All publications must be professional and educated. You have every right to disagree with other members of the community and to explain their opinion. However, it can not attack, degrade, insult or disparage those members or the quality of this community.

    6. Regardless of the role or authority you enjoy in this forum, you are expected to comply with this rule.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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